Local experts say staying safe in the summer heat means paying attention to your body


GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — Did you know that extreme heat is the reason for most weather-related deaths each year?

“The earlier you catch your own symptoms, the less there is a chance of you going into heatstroke or heat exhaustion,” said Mace Robinson, Red Cross of Northeastern NC executive director.

Robinson says monitoring those symptoms can save lives. Some of them include, when you stop sweating, blurred vision and high body temperature. Now that more people are going outside, it’s more important than ever to know heat safety tips.

“When you’re outside, whether you’re throwing a frisbee or other another type of activity, you’re enjoying yourself and you’re not paying direct attention to your body,” Robinson said.

This is why it’s crucial to drink water.

“Hydrate before you go outside,” Robinson said. “Hydrate when you come in and avoid drinking caffeine and alcohol when you’re in the sun.”

Staying in tune with your own body is important. However, Robinson said should also check in with those around you.

“Check on older citizens that may be without air conditioners,” he said. “And your children who can’t tell you, ‘Hey I’m hot.’ You need to know that for them.”

Area Commander of the Salvation Army, Major Charles Whiten, said taking these early steps to monitor signs and checking on others can help prevent a heat situation from becoming severe.

“It’s one of those things that can sneak up on people heat exhaustion and some of those serious medical conditions that can follow with that,” Whiten said. “So we want to be on the proactive side of that and helping avert any potential for that happening.”

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