ROBERSONVILLE, N.C (WNCT) – South Creek Elementary School held its Black History program on Friday, which included a wax museum.

Students were encouraged to research a historically African-American figure and present their figure at the wax museum.

Program Director Candice Howard said this event is to engage students with Black history, in addition to inspiring them to succeed in their own futures.

“During this research, they were able to find that some African Americans were slaves and college wasn’t available for them, then they found out that there were a lot of African Americans that were able to go to college and these were colleges that we’ve researched in class and now they’re like ‘Oh, I want to go there now because this person went there or that person went there,” said Howard.

When asked why it’s important to be taught Black history in the classroom, fourth-grade student Deondre Bell said, “I think it’s important because it’s telling you about all of the ways the Black changed the world.”

In addition to its wax museum, South Creek also hosted a program highlighting HBCUs in North Carolina, encouraging students to set their eyes on higher education. Bell says he has a lot of options for college as a fourth grader but for right now, he has his eyes set on Elizabeth City.