GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — Easter has bounced it’s way here and people are already celebrating.

Decorating eggs, making Easter baskets or spending time with family, there are many events in the area that welcome people to join.

One group in the area is offering to egg people’s houses, for charity, of course. The Greenville Women’s League is hosting a fundraiser where people can pay to get pre-stuffed eggs for the iconic egg hunts. The Painted Peacock in Greenville is selling Easter dye kits for egg dyeing.

If church is what you’re looking for, Integrity Church is hosting an Easter weekend. They will have worship services and events all weekend.

“After the Saturday night service, we’re going to have a family hangout afterward,” said Joe Cox, the Covenant Church director of growth. “All the kids are going to get Easter eggs, rain or shine, we’ve got food trucks. We just want to get together as families and have that kind of fun.”

Make sure to double-check the date and time of the event due to current weather trends.