GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — River Park North hosted families for Mother’s Day with free boating and gazebo availability for picnics.

Families from different areas of Eastern North Carolina came Sunday to the event.

“Today we came to celebrate the holiday with our whole family, we came to have fun in the park, we’ve been in the water for a half hour enjoying the nature. It’s so beautiful and relaxing,” said mother Araceli Trejo-Ortiz from Greenville.

Trejo-Ortiz’s daughter, Dana Velazquez, said the park had a price you couldn’t argue with.

“Not going to lie, [we’re here] because it was free today and we get to go canoeing and ride the boats,” Velazquez said.

Dana’s cousin, Layla Gallegos, added, “Yeah, like our parents suggested we could come out here because it’s hot, so we can cool off.”

Dana said she’s most appreciative of her mom for giving birth to her and everything she does for her every day. Layla added she’s grateful that her mom has always been her best friend.

Trejo-Ortiz said this day reminds her of how grateful she is for her children.

“I have a very good daughter and two excellent sons, I am appreciative of them and all the love they give me every day,” Trejo-Ortiz said. “They make me feel like a good person. I know we all have bad days, but they always give me hope and I appreciate them for making me a mom.”

Several other people said River Park North is a great location to gather with your loved ones and spend some time outdoors.