GREENVILLE, NC (WNCT) – Greenville residents kicked off the holiday season at the Jaycees Annual Christmas Parade on Saturday.

The Jaycees said the plans for the Christmas Parade were months in the making.

“We started planning for this parade pretty much as soon as last year’s was over,” said Jessica Jenkins, Jaycees Greenville Chapter president. “In May, everything really got rolling, and so we are all finally here today for the big day.”

Holiday parades and flotillas in ENC

There were more than 70 floats in the festivities this year. Those in the parade said they were excited for people to see their hard work.

“Because we made it with happiness,” said one float maker.

“To see us, and see us dance, and you get to see all the Christmas stuff and have a good time,” said another float maker.

Those who attended the parade said they enjoyed the festivities.

“Yea, it was fun, I liked all the rides and stuff,” said Lauryn Sirry, a paradegoer. “There was a dog and like, a lot of like snow everywhere, I liked that one.”

Santa Claus himself visited Greenville, reminding folks to be nice, not naughty this wintry season.

“Merry Christmas and Santa’s watching, just because I’m not there doesn’t mean I don’t have eyes on you,” said Santa Claus.