GREENVILLE, NC (WNCT) — Cranberry sauce doesn’t deserve a spot on the Thanksgiving table, at least not in North Carolina. It ranks as the most hated Thanksgiving food across the state according to recent Twitter data.

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This is consistent with much of the United States as a whopping 25 states agree, cranberry sauce is the worst, according to data compiled by

This information was gathered through a collection of geo-tagged data since Nov. 1. Tweets, hashtags and direct keyword phrases like, “I hate turkey,” and “cranberry sauce is gross,” were all analyzed to come to the conclusion that six foods are just not worth having on Thanksgiving, including cranberry sauce.

Green bean casserole comes in as the second most-hated Thanksgiving food with 13 states agreeing that it just isn’t that good. Seven states hate stuffing, three states hate yams and sweet potatoes, one state can’t stand ham and another state says turkey is less than best in their book.