GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind way to show your love, this might be music to your ears.

Carolina Chord Connection sold Singing Valentines for Monday and Tuesday. It’s a barbershop chorus in the Greenville area. Each year, they hold a singing Valentine’s Day fundraiser to raise money to support the group’s activities.

For more than 20 years, members of Carolina Chord Connection said they shared the love with Eastern North Carolina. The group began preparing for their song deliveries months ago, learning the music, melodies and harmonies.

“It’s quite awesome. people really respond well to it. Some people are like ‘Wow somebody is singing to me in person,’ and it’s kind of awkward. Sometimes it’s very embarrassing which is also fun to the people watching, but most of the time it’s very heartfelt to the person actually getting their valentines,” said Director Stephen Brand.

This was also the first year women could join in on the fun.

“I’ve been in all kinds of choirs and choruses really all my life, and I always thought that they just seem like they’re enjoying themselves so much, and then this summer they invited women to join,” said Kathy Sprau, a Carolina Chord Connection member.

Those in the group said they love seeing people’s reactions to their songs.

“It’s just thrilling seeing these smiles, just leapfrogging across the room, so it’s not just the people that the singing Valentine is intended for, but everybody gets to join in, and they’re just all tickled to death,” Sprau said.

Those lucky to receive one of these love songs said they felt loved.

“Oh, my heart is so warm. It was just such a wonderful surprise. I just feel very loved and to experience the talent today on this special day, it just made it complete,” said recipient Lauren Pender.

The only thing better than receiving one of these Valentines, said Carolina Chord Connection, is giving one.

“To be a part of it and singing it and seeing those faces is exhilarating really! Yeah, dazzling,” Sprau said.