GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – Wildwood Park turned its facilities into a Halloween escape during their first Halloween festival weekend on Friday and Saturday.

“This is our first Festival of Fright here at Wildwood Park, as everybody is catching on this park has been here for a year,” said Megan Howard, special events supervisor for Greenville Recreation and Parks. “So, everything that we do out here is brand new. And this is our first time hosting a Halloween festival fall event out here at the park.”

Halloween celebrations started off at Wildwood on Friday night with a movie in the park showing of “The Twilight Zone.” Festivities continued with more costumes, music and games for all ages on Saturday.

“All during the day, we’ve had fall festival activities, and tonight we’re turning the forest into a haunted forest. We’ve had a bunch of ECU volunteers come out and help us transform the forest into a spooky scary activity for people,” said Howard.

Howard said food trucks that came out to the event helped support the Halloween weekend along with other sponsors.

“Afreyed Knot the band came out, we’ve got some amazing sponsors to help support this event. The City of Greenville, you know, their leadership has been great,” said Howard.

Howard added there’s been a great turnout for the event.

“This weekend, the flow of people coming through, it’s so great to hear people say I never knew that this park existed. And we’re like, I know we’ve only been here for a year. So, thanks for coming out,” Howard said.

Howard said even though this event is the first year for the Festival of Fright at Wildwood, it won’t be the last. They’re also getting ready to plan for winter events after the weekend.