WINTERVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – Many people in Winterville got an early start on Halloween food, games and more as the Winterville Chamber of Commerce hosted its second Fright Fest in downtown.

“It was kind of … it was actually an idea that I got from my mother,” said Rebecca Caveness, executive director for Winterville Chamber of Commerce. “She and I really loved Halloween, and we wanted to get the town involved. And this is kind of what got born.”

“Trick or treat” was heard throughout Railroad Street as businesses and vendors handed out candy. One of the booths not only shared candy but local history.

“We’re also in front of some of the oldest commercial buildings in Winterville,” said Jesse Riggs, Winterville Historical Society member. “So, you know, there are a few ghost stories locally, and we don’t mind sharing those.”

“I look forward to, you know, the smiles on the faces of the kids and, you know, their anticipation of what they might get, you know, in terms of candy, but we also have our model T [car] on display. And yeah, they love seeing the antique car, which will be 100 years old next year,” said Riggs.

The event delivered all things Halloween. Caveness said Fright Fest also contributed to local economics.

“We have a lot of new businesses in this area that people really don’t know exists. So being able to have the opportunity to open your doors and like I said, kind of come outside and introduce yourself, you know, to these parents and these people and say, hey, you know, I’m in business, and this is what I’m doing,” said Caveness.

“You know, when you have that personal connection with somebody, it’s a lot different. It really does get you more business than anything else.”

Attendees said Fright Fest was a great atmosphere and family-friendly event to put everyone in a Halloween mood ahead of Halloween on Monday.