Editor’s note: WNCT will share out its top stories of 2022 in several categories over the next few days. The top stories were determined by overall page views from analytical numbers Google has put together.


GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — One aspect of covering the news is you run into a lot of bad news.

Our top 10 most-viewed stories at WNCT.com involving Eastern North Carolina and our state included shooting deaths, the plane crash that killed eight off the Carteret County coast and much more. However, there were some good-news stories that caught our readers’ eyes in 2022.

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WNCT has compiled the top ten stories concerning local news featured on our website.

10. 15-year-old arrested in shooting death of Greenville man (10,096 pageviews)

 A 15-year-old was arrested in October and was facing a murder charge in the death of a man.

9. Coast Guard suspends search for victims of Sunday’s Carteret County plane crash; vigil held Tuesday night (11,173 pageviews)

A private plane carrying six passengers, the pilot and co-pilot crashed on Valentine’s Day off the Carteret County coast. At the time, a lengthy search turned up only the fuselage and parts of the cabin area of the plane that crashed. The search continued, however, and the bodies of those who died were eventually found.

8. How to keep up with the latest on power outages (11,786 pageviews)

Eastern North Carolina woke up to freezing temperatures and more power outages on Christmas Eve. As a result, many places in Eastern NC and around the state were without power. This story provided links to keep up with those outages. Most of the pageviews came that day and on Christmas as people paid close attention to the outages.

7. One killed in crash involving school bus in Duplin County (13,020 pageviews)

One person was killed in May after a collision between a school bus and another vehicle near 3090 US 117.

6. North Carolina schools switching to new COVID-19 guidelines for students (13,066 pageviews)

North Carolina was making some changes to its COVID-19 policy as students headed back to school following the 2021 Christmas break.

5. 2 dead in murder-suicide at law office in Goldsboro, police say (14,961 pageviews)

Two people were found dead from gunfire in a law office in Goldsboro on Dec. 19. The shooting rocked the community and was easily the most viewed story at WNCT.com that day and the days after what happened.

4. New breakfast and lunch restaurant opens in Greenville (15,916 pageviews)

Micheal Ray Whitfield has always wanted to open his own restaurant and now his dreams have come true. Whitfield’s Michael Ray’s Kitchen was met with much anticipation and lots of customers. That transcended at WNCT.com as Ryan Harper’s story caught many readers’ attention.

3. Morehead City church says it will pay for all eight funerals of Carteret County plane crash victims; first funeral set (18,171 pageviews)

Funeral arrangements were being made for the eight that were killed in the February plane crash off the Carteret County coast. One church said it would pay for the funeral costs of all eight victims.

2. One student dead, another injured in stabbing at Jacksonville high school; three teens arrested (25,746 pageviews)

The Sept. 1 stabbing death of a Northside Jacksonville High School caused sadness, outrage and panic. An extensive investigation happened as a result of the stabbing. Northside has taken extra steps since the tragedy to ensure the safety of its students.

1.  North Carolina restaurants featured on Food Network, Fieri spotted in Morehead City (41,648 pageviews)

It led the top entertainment stories of 2022 at WNCT.com, too. Guy Fieri visited Carteret County back in August and ended up doing “Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives” episodes on Shepard Barbecue in Emerald Isle, Amos Mosquito’s Restaurant & Bar in Atlantic Beach and Floyd’s 1921 and Sanitary Fish Market and Restaurant in Morehead City. Fieri also did a holiday special that included these restaurants and more.