GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) Greenville firefighters are investigating the cause of an apartment fire Wednesday afternoon. One family was able to escape that fire thanks to a little hero.

“I saw a fire and I was like mom, mom there’s a fire!” said Kylee Wilkinson.

8-year-old Kylee Wilkinson was with her mom at the Sheraton Village Apartments.Kylee was getting homework from her dad’s apartment when she spotted a neighboring unit on fire.  

The girl and her mom called 911, then tried to get people out.

“We knocked on the neighbor’s door that was on fire and they were home, so we got them out and luckily they were safe,” said Wilkinson.

When asked how she felt to have saved the lives of four people, she responded with a smile beaming from ear to ear, “It makes me so happy!”

The fire forced four people out of their home. No one was injured.

No one was injured.