All-female law firm opens in New Bern


In New Bern, a new law firm is on the block, and it is lead by family law attorney Carolyn Peacock.

Peacock was featured in 9 On Your Side’s ‘Celebrating Women’ special when Peacock was a partner at Chesnutt, Clemmons & Peacock P.A. in New Bern.

Now, Peacock has started her own firm made up of five women.

Peacock Family Law opened Monday on Broad Street.

“I have been practicing for 23 years, and to achieve this dream, it is really, really cool,” Peacock said.

Peacock said she is living out her dream.

“Knowing that during my generation of graduating from college going to law school and going to the workforce for 20 plus years, that men and women can be treated equally and men and women can both reap the benefits of hard work with success,” Peacock said.

Peacock’s latest career achievement was motivated by her role model, her dad.

“My dad was an attorney and he passed away five years ago from cancer and right before he passed away, he and I had some really good conversations and he suggested to me that I consider down the road opening my own law firm,” Peacock said.

Five years later, her father’s photos and diplomas decorate the walls of Peacock Family Law.

“He is definitely looking down on me with a big, big grin on his face,” Peacock said.

The majority of her team has worked with Peacock for more than a decade.

“My whole team came with me for this new adventure, and I think that is one of the things that makes a really successful domestic lawyer, the fact that I have a strong team behind me,” Peacock said.

“Me and Mrs. Peacock have worked together so long, we finish each other’s sentences,” paralegal Becky Morey said. “We have a good team together, and we are so excited to be in a new space. We represent females and males, and I feel like we have good compassion as being mothers and being wives and going through divorces ourselves or being a product of a divorce, that we just bring a lot to the family law client.”

Peacock said she hopes she can be a role model to young people just as her father was to her.

“I am hopeful young female lawyers and young male lawyers can see me as an example if you work hard, you can reap the benefits of your hard work. It is a great opportunity to be a really good role model for young women who were entering the workplace and graduated from law school and see you can do anything regardless if you are a man or a woman.”

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