Alternative Therapy: Using compression therapy to treat injury, increase performance


Alternative ways to treat pain and manage stress are sweeping the nation as millions of Americans are turning away from traditional medications.

This week, 9 On Your Side Morning Edition’s Maria Satira is taking a look at different therapies across Eastern North Carolina. 

Dozens of collegiate and professional sports teams utilize compression therapy to treat injury and improve athletic performance. It’s a well-known method in the sports world and is becoming increasingly available to the general public.

Lisa Staats receives compression therapy at Cryo252 in Greenville. She’s a math teacher at Washington High School and dedicates much of her spare time to exercise and wellness. She relies on compression therapy on her legs to keep her going and to help lessen the pain after workouts.

“It’s helped out recovery a whole lot faster. I’m not nearly as sore the next day,” said Staats. “It’s like a deep tissue massage, but in 30 minutes.”

Cryo252 uses NormaTec technology. It’s an innovative system using air pressure with attachments for legs, arms, and hips.

“It cycles out the lactic acid in the body which makes you feel sore, tired, and lethargic, so forth and so on, increases circulation, and encourages white blood cells for healing,” said co-owner, Mike Hickman. “My clientele is the mom who sits at a desk and doesn’t circulate well or the pop who works at the warehouse and is on his feet all day.”

This type of compression therapy is usually done in 30-minute sessions.

The Alternative Therapy series continues Wednesday at 5:00 pm only on WNCT 9 On Your Side.


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