Alternative ways to treat pain and manage stress are sweeping the nation as millions of Americans are turning away from traditional medications.

This week, 9 On Your Side Morning Edition’s Maria Satira is taking a look at different therapies across Eastern North Carolina. 

Just three minutes of freezing puts pain at ease for dozens of clients at Cryo252 in Greenville. Cryotherapy can help with a variety of issues including aches, pain, and swelling.

“I’m not a sore as I used to stay all the time and I’m getting older so I have a lot of aches and pains,” said Wayne Salter. “I used to carry the stress in my neck a lot.”

As a gym owner and personal trainer, Salter is always reading about new studies in the health industry. When came across the concept of freezing, it sparked his interest.

“So I tried it and I love it,” said Salter.

“Inflammation is the leading cause of all problems. Whether it’s a turned ankle or lupus, the more you shrink the inflammation, the more your overall quality of life improves,” said Cryo252 co-owner, Mike Hickman. “Overall your well-being improves. That’s what it’s done for me over the years and I knew other people needed it as well.”

This type of cryotherapy has helped many with weight loss and metabolism as well as renewed energy.

“One of the biggest things I noticed is that it helps me keep my energy level and focus for the whole week,” said Salter.

Studies show it can also improve skin conditions, stimulate collagen, and enhance sleep.