American Red Cross offers tips on how to stay prepared during hurricane season


GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — As we continue to track Elsa, officials are also sharing ways that you can stay both safe and prepared in case of a severe storm.

When it comes to Elsa, it is important to prepare for whatever may come out of the expected storm.

“One thing that we’ve learned is that each year, especially last year we had a very busy hurricane and wildfire season, and we expect that again that again this year,” said Cally Edwards, the Regional Communications Director for the American Red Cross.

With hurricane season here and storms on the way, the American Red Cross is now offering tips on ways to stay prepared. Edwards said it is important for each person to make a kit specific to themselves.

“If you’re going to shelter in place your kit should have 5-7 days worth of food and water, medication, all those items you are typically going to need, that’s in case people can’t get to you right away,” Edwards said.

With Elsa’s expected impact continually changing, she also notes that whatever you pack should be with the mindset of getting you through multiple days, if needed.

“When we say make a kit, we are asking people to have that kit ready 365 days a year,” Edwards said.

Another aspect of preparations also comes down to the other responsibilities families and individuals may have. Pets are a huge factor in storms, as it is important to make sure plans are in place for them as well.

“The other thing that we say when it comes to pets, if you’re asked to evacuate your home, we ask you to bring your pets with you, but also bring what supplies are necessary for them, their kennels their food and water, all those things that you typically have, plan to bring them with you,” said Edwards.

Overall, noting that as long as you are prepared, the Red Cross team and other officials will work together as well to keep you informed.

“In Eastern North Carolina we have great partnerships with our community partners at the county and state level and so typically when we see an event like Elsa coming, we are checking in, talking about any needs and making sure that we have teams on standby if something does happen,” Edwards said.

When packing your kit, it is important to include items like water and snacks to make sure you are ready for what’s to come. However, they also encourage people to avoid panic buying, as these kits should be on standby throughout the year.

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