GREENVILLE, NC – Brian Taillon and Steven Mueller have made it their mission to elevate the Halloween festivities by crafting captivating themed yard displays for seven straight years.

Throughout the entire month of October, their ever-evolving scenes captivate onlookers, building anticipation for the grand finale on Halloween night.

This year’s 2023 Halloween extravaganza promises to astound with an assemblage of more than 40 lifelike mannequins and several special guests towering over 15 feet in height. The display is further enhanced by the inclusion of fog machines, colorful lighting and sound systems, and mesmerizing pyrotechnics. Taillon, a professor of marketing and supply chain management at East Carolina University, shared his excitement for this year’s display, saying, “Every year, Steven and I set out to outdo ourselves, striving for bigger and better display. Our neighbors eagerly speculate about the theme each week, fostering a strong sense of community unity.”

The Haunted Halloween Yard Display can be experienced at 4004 Dunhagan Rd., Greenville, on Halloween night (October 31, 2023) from 5:30 pm to 9 pm, before vanishing into the night until its eagerly awaited return next year.