Art with a message: Winterville pastor leads anti-racism mural project


WINTERVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – UPDATED: The first mural in Winterville’s Hillcrest Park is complete. Reading ‘People Against Racism,’ the painting aims to get a discussion going on the political and racial climate in our country right now.

“We would encourage that people stand with us, because it’s my conviction that everybody should be ‘people against racism,” said Rebuild Christian Church Senior Pastor Darron Carmon.

Work has already begun on the second mural that will be in the park. The mural features a young black boy holding skittles, with the words “I just want to live” next to him. Pastor Carmon says this second mural should be finished within the next few weeks, and then a celebration ceremony will be held.


A new anti-racism mural is in the works at Hillcrest Park in Winterville.

Crews started working on Wednesday on the mural that will read ‘People Against Racism.’

This is an effort led by Pastor Darron Carmon with Rebuild Christian Center Church.

He says he wants to keep a spotlight on racism, so people will realize how big a problem it is.

Carmon believes the mural will do just that.

He commissioned a Raleigh artist to paint the mural.

Her name is Kayla Garcia, and she is excited to be a part of this project.

Garcia says as a biracial woman, she understands the struggles and experiences of racism.

“You can do a lot with murals in a city and bring a lot of attention to certain topics and I was really hoping and praying to get a project like that,” she said. “The message people against racism I feel 100 percent for it, and I just think that if people look at it, you can’t really argue with being against racism.”

Carmon created this project because for him, racism is personal.

“This is life for me,” he said. “This is real life experiences and everybody cannot attest to that. It’s different when it hits home. It’s different when it’s you. It’s different when you have to go through it, and so some will never understand.”

Garcia expects the project will be finished in three to four days, weather depending.

There will also be a 5×5 anti-racism sign at the park, depicting a child holding a bag of Skittles with the words ‘I just want to live.’

The Rebuild Christian Center Church will host a ceremony after the murals are finished.

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