Ayden takes its time on vacant commercial building decisions


AYDEN, N.C. (WNCT) The Town of Ayden was expected to make a decision on what’s next for the vacant commercial buildings in the area.

Monday night the board members agreed to not move so fast on that decision.

The Mayor says it’s for a good reason; to get organized.

“What the board wants to do is take our time and deliberate about it. Make sure we do our due diligence and understand the concerns of the business owners and citizens of Ayden before we make a final decision. We were asked the town manager to do is go back look at the comments and somehow to put in bullet point,” said Stephen Tripp, Mayor, Town of Ayden.

The Mayor added that the whole goal is to make the downtown area vibrant and busy again like it once was.

The town’s next Board meeting is scheduled for November 14.


“We have several dozen lets just say that, vacant commercial buildings in town,” said Steven Harrell, Town Manager, Town of Ayden.

The Town of Ayden is trying to fill vacant commercial buildings in the b1 and b2 districts of town.

“B1 is our central business district. B2 is the commercial district around the central business,” said Harrell.

Town leaders tell 9 On Your Side the vacant buildings aren’t necessarily a problem for the town but more of an opportunity growth and economic development in the area.

“It would help the town of Ayden to improve our property tax revenues it would help the town to improve our sales tax revenues it would also bring people to visit our community it would also encourage people we believe to want to live in Ayden as well,” said Harrell.

One local business owner is excited about the town’s efforts to fill the buildings.

“Obviously the more attraction there is for a town like this, the Town of Ayden by buildings being occupied the people we’ll get here the more people will patronize our business so absolutely,” said Michael Priddy, Co-Owner, Doghouse Tavern.

The town met with property owners on how to improve the current vacant commercial building code.

Team building with the community to better move the town forward.

The goal is to get people to invest in Ayden.

“What we are looking at is that the Town of Ayden is on the cusp. The new bypass opens and there will be traffic on it by the end of this month we’re going to be a community that will be on the grow; that will be an area that people are going to wanna live and invest,” said Harrell.

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