AYDEN, N.C. (WNCT) — A local couple is concerned about the maintenance of Ayden Town Cemetery.

“About a year ago we started approaching the town and the town board on the nights of their meetings and we expressed some concerns,” Chris Cannon said.

Chris and his wife, Shawn Cannon, are lifelong Ayden residents. They’ve been coming to Ayden Town Cemetery once a week to clean up trash and debris from around graves. But that’s not the only thing they’re concerned about.

“They haul a lot of dirt down here, when they open graves and when they close graves. And they leave it down here, and it causes a big mud hole,” Chris Cannon said. “There’s also a little outbuilding up here and the metal’s gone off the roof, and it’s rotting, there’s no door on it. If something’s gonna sit here unoccupied like that, and people are just throwing trash and stuff in there.”

“There’s trees that need to be trimmed, graves that need to be covered, tombstones that need to be picked up, and they’re not doing it,” Shawn Cannon said.

The issue is personal for the Cannons.

“My mom passed away about a month ago and they opened the grave, and put the vault and the casket in, and when they closed the grave up, they just put sand there,” Chris Cannon said. “It’s all unleveled, no grass has been put back on it.”

“It’s really sad that this is happening to anyone or any family,” interim Town Manager Kerry McDuffie said. “We’re gonna look into it, we’re gonna look at the policies, we’re gonna look at the responsibility of who’s responsible for taking care of and maintaining these, and follow up on this.”