GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – January 17 marked what would have been actress Betty White’s 100th birthday. To honor her legacy, people jumped on the viral social media trend, the Betty White Challenge.

It’s a challenge to donate $5 to an animal shelter. White was famously known for her acting skills, but also for her love for animals.

“She was on the board for a zoo, a huge advocate for spay and neuter and being a good pet owner,” said Shelby Jolly, director of the Humane Society of Eastern Carolina. “She just loved animals.”

The Humane Society of Eastern Carolina was on the receiving end of the challenge. Their Facebook and Instagram pages had people donating all day on Monday.

“All that money that is raised goes straight to the animals for their care,” Jolly said. “Whether it be vaccines, food, or just to keep the lights on.”

Because White was such a big name, Jolly was excited for the donations brought to her organization but also for the awareness of proper pet care.

“I know the challenge is just today, but this whole week most of my feeds and the things I see on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook have been huge pushes to, ‘look at this animal, look what you can do,'” Jolly said. “I think the fact that she is loved on a huge scale, and her love for animals is wonderful because it’s getting people talking not just about her, but about something that was incredibly important to her.”

To donate, visit the Humane Society of Eastern Carolina website. Or, visit their Facebook or Instagram pages.