BLOUNTS CREEK, N.C. (WNCT) — A Blounts Creek 19-year-old is making plans to go back to the National Barrel Horse Association world championship with her horse, Rocky.

It will be her second appearance in the NBHA event.

19-year-old Barrel racer, Jasmine Street, said, “Being with my horse is the best part because it’s a bond that can’t be broken.”

About 10 years ago, Jasmine Street made a wish on her 10th birthday.

“[Jasmine] wanted a horseback riding lesson for her 10th birthday. So, we did that. And that turned into can I go every week?” said Jasmine’s mom, Scarlet Street. “Horseback riding doesn’t even run in our family. So, we’re not even sure where it came from.”

One could say that a birthday gift changed Jasmine’s life. She started doing more lessons.

“I started with English, which is jumping,” Jasmine said. “You don’t even need your own horse to begin with. Like I started at a lesson barn and I used other people’s horses until I got the experience and the place to buy my own horse.”

That would lead to Western riding.

“She loved it,” Scarlet said. “And she just had a passion for it. She was a natural and so we just cultivated that with her. “

“We’ve always loved horses since I’ve known her. I knew she wanted to do something like this.” said Kendall Barnes, Jasmine’s best friend. She added that Jasmine has always been determined and puts a lot of hard work in.

“There’s been time where she [Jasmine] wanted to ride, and I [Kendall] didn’t feel like it,” Kendall said. “But, she would go by herself, and she would do it.”

Eventually, she would pick up barrel racing. “I liked the speed and everything about it,” Jasmine said.

Barrel racing connected her and her horse, Rocky. 

“He was green, broke,” Jasmine said. “Didn’t really know anything. But I worked him with groundwork, and then saddle and then he learned to trust me. And that was the biggest thing.”

It took Rocky a year to learn the barrel pattern. Jasmine said she’s had Rocky for three years now. 

“Hard work and dedication is the major thing,” Jasmine said. “If you don’t have the work ethic, you’re not going to make it very far. [Rocky] has turned out to be a great barrel horse “

All that hard work paid off. It created a state-champion team. 

“You have to qualify in a division. There are five divisions, 1-D through 5-D,” Jasmine said. “1-D being the highest division. So, he placed in the highest division at the highest spot after all those 10 shows, so every show added up to make it to 1D.”

“And then because he qualified in NBHA, he qualified to go to the NBHA state championships or national state championships,” Jasmine said.

Then, they qualified to compete at the NBHA’s Youth and Teen World Championships in Perry, Ga.

“He’s been very loyal and great,” Jasmine said. “Being the horse he is, it’s been super fun for me and him.”

Going to the competition was an experience she will never forget. “It’s a crazy feeling that from Blounts Creek, North Carolina, I can go to so many places.”

So many places – with a lifelong friend – all because Jasmine made a wish on her 10th birthday. 

“We never ever expected this,” Scarlet said. “From the day that she asked for a horseback riding lesson to now worlds. It’s crazy.”

Jasmine said she hopes to go to the world championships next year.