Board of Commissioners move forward with site plans for Beaufort Compass Hotel


BEAUFORT, N.C. (WNCT) – The town of Beaufort is moving forward with plans to build a compass hotel in the area. It’s a plan that has been in the talks since March.

Aerial view of the Beaufort Compass Hotel.

Monday night, the Board of Commissioners approved the concept of the Beaufort Compass Hotel on a 3-2 vote.

Commissioner Marianna Hollinshed and John Hagle voted against the site plan, but tell 9OYS they are in support of it. Concerns like stormwater and parking were a topic of issue.

“Even this past Monday, we had significant flooding here in Beaufort so we are focused on stormwater. It’s still kind of unclear what part we can fix so we don’t have those flooding issues. And the other concern from a commissioner was on the footprint: the parking versus the capacity of the hotel,” said Town Mayor, Everette Newton.

In a statement to 9OYS, Hagle said:

“I have concerns about stormwater management that were not addressed. I hope more work can be done to reduce the potential stormwater issues in this area. The conditions made part of the motion will help reduce the impact on residents from other aspects of the development.”

Hollinshed encouraged the developers to honor the conditions of approval.

The proposed hotel would be located on Cedar Street and Orange Street. It would coincide with the town’s height limit of 40 feet.

Design of the Beaufort Compass Hotel.

The small hotel is expected to make a huge impact on the local economy. It will also provide additional employment and increase the tax base.

“Our current tax base is kind of skewed towards the residents and we need to have a better balance,” said Newton.

Design of the guest room at the Beaufort Compass Hotel.

The next step is for the Beaufort Historic Preservation Commission to review the site plan. The southern portion of the project is in the Historic District. They must ensure items like lighting, fencing, and vegetation conforms to the town’s standards.

Once these plans are completed, they will be submitted for approval to N.C. Department of Insurance. Once a Certificate of Appropriateness has been issued, and State and Federal permits have been acquired, a building permit can be issued by the town and construction can begin.

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