Bulb shortage affecting local Easter lily sales


GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — The nurseries in our area saw an influx of people not only because of the recent warm temperatures, but also those on the lookout for Easter flowers, particularly Easter lilies.

Easter lilies are flowers that symbolizes Easter.

“We order around 2000 every year and we do a lot of church orders and then usually we have them available for customers to just walk in and grab,” says Lindsay Lassiter-Ryan of Plant and See nursery.

With their trumpet-like shape, lilies are known to represent purity, hope, and life, fitting for this upcoming holiday.

“Flowers brighten everybody’s day,” said Joyce Stallings, customer of Plant and See nursery.

Local florists and nurseries have found themselves with empty shelves.

“We have had a higher demand than usual,” said Lassiter-Ryan. “There was a bulb shortage in the industry this year which has affected things.”


“The growers who do Easter lilies really have a very precise timeline to get them to bloom when they need to get them to bloom on a specific timeline for everyone,” said Lassiter-Ryan.

They say when a bulb is bad, it affects their whole growing timeline.

For one shopper, she isn’t worried about whether lilies are in stock or not.

She’s taken another route to spread the Easter spirit.

“We give flowers to our guests or visitors on Easter Sunday,” said Stallings. “Usually you have visitors that don’t come throughout the year so we want to share the love of god and give them a little bit of spring. That Jesus has risen, just some happiness and share that with others.”

So with a lily or daisy or even hydrangea, people were out buying their flowers on this Good Friday, keeping Plant and See nursery busy.

“Easter is around the start of spring so it just happens to coincide with warm weather when people come to get their vegetables and all their annual flowers,” said Lassiter-Ryan.

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