ATLANTA, Ga. (WNCT) — Carnie Hedgepeth’s family had more good news to share Tuesday about his recovery from injuries he suffered in a June motorcycle accident.

“Great news! Carnie is talking!” the family said in their latest Facebook update. “He began to make sounds yesterday and spoke a few words. That progress has continued today, and he has had periods in which he is able to conversate using words and short sentences. There are still times in which we are not able to understand him clearly, but this is certainly an answered prayer!

Hedgepeth is Beaufort County’s emergency services director, and he’s also a pastor at Arthur Christian Church.

“Carnie’s level of alertness and responsiveness have also greatly improved,” the family said. “His eyes are open, and he actively scans the room and turns his head towards people when they are speaking.”

Hedgepeth is undergoing treatment at the Shepherd Center, a rehabilitation hospital in Atlanta.

“His daily routine now consists of sessions with physical, occupational and speech therapists,” the update continues. “As you can imagine, there are times in the day in which Carnie is more active and receptive to these sessions, and other times in which he is tired and less attentive. Please join us in praying for a resolve in these nuisances in timing, allowing both Carnie and his therapists to capitalize on their time together.

In addition to the raffle that was announced for Hedgepeth, a pancake and sausage fundraiser will be held at Bunyan Volunteer Fire Department on Aug. 19 from 4-7 p.m. It is dine-in or takeout. All proceeds go to Hedgepeth and his family.

The fire department is located at 8264 Broad Creek Road in Washington, at Douglas Crossroads. More information can be found at the Bunyan Fire Department Facebook page.