Carteret County Humane Society receives renovations after hurricane

Hurricane Florence left her mark on many businesses and properties in Newport, including the Carteret County Humane Society. After months of recovery efforts, the manager there, said the buildings are finally under construction. 
“We had our roof damaged and a lot of our shingles came off so we ended up getting water through our shelter and in our main dog kennel area. So it kinda saturated through the ceiling and some of the floor and most of the insulation in there,” Hardin said.
Since Florence, the shelter has only been able to take in half as many animals as usual. The main kennel room, which is where most dogs typically stay, is now in the process of being renovated. 
“We’ve currently gotten our roof fixed already and they’ve replaced the whole roof on all of our buildings,” Hardin said.
Hardin said she is thankful that the shelter did not have to completely shut down.
“We just kind of shut down a portion of the building, so we were still able to function. We are only at half capacity, but we are still here and we still have the ability to rebuild and get back to where we were- it’s just taking a little while,” Hardin said.
Hardin said renovations are expected to be complete within the next few weeks.
“We’re just excited for them to start the process and to be able to get back to functioning and being able to help the community with what animals that they have and what animals that they find,” Hardin said.

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