WILSON, NC (WNCT) — Casita Brewing Company is hosting a Hawaiian-style event on Saturday to raise money for efforts for Integrity Unlimited CDC’s White Oak Academic Enrichment Program.

Integrity Unlimited is a program that promotes health and well-being for students that live in the more rural areas of Wilson County,” said Mahalia Witter-Merithew, owner of Casita Brewing Company. “I just joined the board for that group a few months ago and they asked me if they could hold a fundraiser at Casita, and I said, ‘of course.'”

The event will include an opportunity to learn a hula dance, a Hawaiian tasting menu with several recipes, live music, a limbo contest and a date night gift basket silent auction.

“It should be a fun time, something different … Maybe a Hawaiian staycation for people who can’t get out to the islands for Valentine’s Day,” said Witter-Merithew.

Tickets are $25 and the proceeds will go toward Integrity Unlimited CDC’s educational programs. The organization is a nonprofit created with a focus on children in the rural community of Wilson.

“It just helps the kids that live in the outer Wilson County area. They have tutoring and transportation from school to the center and they do outdoor activities when the weather is nice,” said Witter-Merithew. “They’re looking to fundraise to have an outdoor education kitchen where kids can learn about the foods and learn how to cook with foods from nature to encourage healthy lifestyle and healthy eating habits.”