CDC: Natural infection not enough to protect you from virus, local experts explain why


GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – “The family that it comes from, coronavirus, they often re-infect people its really surprising because a lot of viruses you get them once and you’re protected for a lifetime and coronaviruses don’t seem to be that way you can get them again,” said Rachel Roper.

East Carolina University professor of Microbiology and Immunology, Rachel Roper, and other health experts like Dr. Thomas Ryan Gallaher of Vidant, urge everyone to get vaccinated instead of depending on antibodies from natural infection.

“When you get infected with the virus, the virus is doing things to turn your immune system off so that it can replicate and spread before your immune system can catch it. When you get vaccinated there’s nothing turning your immune response off,” said Roper.

The CDC is also backing this information. From May through June, the organizations recently took covid numbers from hundreds of Kentucky residents. The study showed that the residents who are not vaccinated, that had COVID-19 were more likely to be re-infected.

Both local experts, who are familiar with the study spoke on the recent study and urged that vaccination is the best protection.

“The antibodies decrease over time and some of them go low quite quickly so just because you were infected before doesn’t mean you’re protected now,” said Roper.

“It is probably the safest way to ensure your body’s immune system has the longest possible protection against the virus,” said Gallaher.

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