Cedar Point considers tax increase to fund $2.8 million park project


CEDAR POINT, N.C. (WNCT) —The town of Cedar Point is considering a tax increase to complete a project that they say will change the face of the town.

This Masonic Property is 56 acres of beautiful waterfront land. Eighteen of those acres are wetlands that would be preserved by the town. They are hoping to turn the rest into a park for Cedar Point’s residents.

Cedar Point Town Clerk Jayne Calhoun said, “at one time this was Cedar Point. It encompassed about 6600 acres which has been parceled off and sold and made into housing developments and businesses and things like that. But we felt that it was a tremendously important part of Cedar Point to continue to preserve.”

The town has been in talks to buy the land for two point eight million dollars and turn it into a park.

“We just felt,” said Calhoun, “that this would be the ideal place for a water access, public recreation, picnic, footpath, nature trail, all in one place.”

But first, they need residents to approve an additional three cent property tax.

Cedar Point Town Administrator Chris Seaberg said, “before the town incurs that type of debt, we want the people to vote on it. make sure that our citizens are supportive of this quest because it is a three cent increase on their tax bill.”

Seaberg said that buying and preserving this land could change the small town.

“This is a beautiful piece of property,” said Seaberg, “that our grandchildren will be enjoying and hopefully telling good stories about us at that time.”

The town is also looking into grants that would allow them to fund the purchase without raising taxes.

The bond referendum will go up for a vote in the November elections and if approved, the land could be purchased by June of next year.

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