Chocowinity Middle School holds pep rally to get students pumped for end of year testing


As the school year in the east is winding down, Chocowinity Middle School in Beaufort County is getting their students pumped up before taking their standardized test

“They are excited they want to have a good time,” said Kimberly Gibbs the school principal.

Starting to get ready for their big end of the school year tests and that’s why the school is hosting a pep rally.

“It gives you energy for the end of the school year you know versus being bored on a test and everything,” said Harrison Phelps a middle school student. 

The event is put on by the school as a way for students like Phelps to have fun and get them in a positive mindset before taking their required end of the year tests.

“I want them to be excited,” said Gibbs. I just want them to do their best not to stress out about it. We have prepared them with strategies, instructions I just want them to do the best they can base on their ability.”

Students spent the last half of their school day at the rally.

Teachers and staff also made a motivational video for the students letting them know they can succeed.

Then, the games.

“Quality time to get relationships with friends,” said Phelps. You get to see your friends do funny stuff going across the gym. Just kinda gets you excited for everything makes it a good day.”

And that’s exactly what happened for students and teachers.

“They get very excited,” said Gibbs. I mean they know about it they’re excited they want to have a good time and our staff is very excited as well.”


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