KINSTON, N.C. (WNCT) — The City of Kinston released the news in October that they were selling several of their vacant properties.

The city acquired these lands through foreclosures and FEMA buyouts from flooding. When the city announced the property was up for auction last year, they also said that there must be a minimum 15% bid on the approved tax value of the lot when looking to purchase.

The properties are posted on the city’s website. There are currently about 40 lots listed. Many of the lots are small, about half an acre or less in size.

“By all means, take a look at the property. A lot of times people are calling me from out of state so they aren’t here, but just really do the research on the property,” said Elizabeth Blount, the planning director for the City of Kinston.

“On the list, it gives the property number, they can look it up on Lenoir County’s GIS (online mapping). Take a real good look and determine whether that’s something they may be interested in.”

Blount said a few people interested in buying have contacted them, but that they have not had many bids. The Kinston City Council hopes this list will provide people with an affordable opportunity to own land.

The Kinston City Council was scheduled to meet Tuesday night to discuss two of the properties listed on the city’s website. The discussion will center around using the lots for economic development projects.