JACKSONVILLE, N.C. — The Jacksonville Police Department along with the New Bern Police Department have announced separate “Click It or Ticket” campaigns, which will kick off during the Memorial Day weekend.

Jacksonville Police Department

As we honor all fallen servicemen and women this upcoming Memorial Day, the Jacksonville Police Department would like to remind everyone to drive safely to and from destinations of commemoration.

Continuing into the summer months, there will be plenty of fun festivities to engage in. We want everyone to enjoy themselves this season and remember to drive safely to and from such events. This is why the JPD participates in the annual Click It or Ticket Campaign to spread awareness of the dangers and risk of fatality related to lack of seatbelt use and misuse.

In 2021, there were eight fatal crashes in Onslow County involving unrestrained drivers/passengers. JPD reported one fatality where an unrestrained driver was ejected from their vehicle. Last year, 555 unbuckled motorists were killed in crashes on North Carolina roads, including 28 during the Memorial Day Click It or Ticket enforcement campaign period.

Lieutenant Phillip Williams states, “During a collision, the force of impact transfers to the body. That is why the seatbelt becomes so important. Rather than risking ejection from the vehicle and possible death, the metal of the vehicle helps to protect the body as well. Passengers who do not wear their seatbelts have been ejected from their vehicles, and this is where we see preventable fatalities occur.”

Seatbelt misuse can also lead to serious injuries or fatalities. Lieutenant Williams adds, “In one fatality, a driver was wearing their seatbelt under their arm upon impact and suffered a severed aorta.” It is important to always place the shoulder belt across the middle of your chest and away from your neck. Place the lap belt across your hips, not your stomach. You should never put the shoulder belt behind your back or under your arm.

Wearing a seatbelt while in both the front and back seats of a moving vehicle is the law in our state. The fine for an unrestrained rear seat passenger is $10. An unrestrained front seat passenger or driver fine is $177. Of course, the cost of one’s life is invaluable. Keep safe and set a good example by always wearing your seatbelt properly when occupying a motor vehicle.

For more information about the Click It or Ticket campaign, visit the website at: https://www.nhtsa.gov/campaign/click-it-or-ticket

New Bern Police Department

New Bern police issued the press release below regarding its campaign.