Conservationists remind people about sea turtle hatching season


EMERALD ISLE, N.C. (WNCT) Conservationists are reminding people to be careful if they go digging in the sand — they could disturb sea turtle nests.

They say we’re approaching the busy part of the hatching season when tiny sea turtles leave their nests and head to the water.

Patrols this week found a pair of nesting sites disturbed by humans.

They say the actual nests were no damage.

Conservationists ask you to refill any holes in the sand you dig on the beach.

“Getting close to our hatching season and it’s very important to stay away out of there because not only could you step on eggs you can step on little hatchlings that are making the way out of the nest,” said Dale Baquer, Sea Turtle Patrol Coordinator.

You can also help by keeping your lights off around the beach.

The sea turtles use moonlight to find the ocean — and vehicle and property lights can confuse them.

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