Work is underway in Martin County to improve the county’s 911 system. It starts with a new facility equipped with upgraded technology to better serve the county’s residents.

“Everyday is like Christmas because you never really know what you’re going to see or receive until you get here,” said Timmie Modlin, Martin County 911 Telecommunicator.  

It really feels like Christmas for Martin County 911 dispatch team as they wait for their new center which they say is much needed. 

“This facility in here, we’ve been here since 1983 and with the technology growing so much we’ve outgrown the facility,” said Modlin. 

The current 911 center is located in the Martin County governmental center.

“It is about 1/5 the size of this facility,” said 911 Director, Jason Steward. 

Construction of the new center on Prison Camp Road started in July 2018. 

The new facility will include new technology and equipment like upgraded computers, radios, consoles, tower, and a new phone system. 

“If something happens here or we have a technology failure those calls can go seamlessly to another jurisdiction and we just done have that functionality now,” Steward said.  

He said this new facility will help improve their service to the community. 

“A major issue with 911 is that you have to be there all the time, you can’t call off because of weather. Calls always have to be answered,” said Steward. 

To guarantee that, the new center will provide temporary housing for staff members. 

This will be Martin County’s primary 911 dispatch center but will also serve as back up for surrounding counties such as Bertie and Pasquotank. 

“We are really excited about going to a state of the art facility where we can bring in some of our sister counties and work together in a regional fact and do the best we can for the citizens,” Modlin said.  

Hurricane Florence caused some setbacks on construction but Steward said the project is still on schedule and expected to be completed in the fall.

Construction should be complete this May, according to Stewart. 

He hopes the facility will be fully functional this Fall. 

The new center costs $5.1 million and is funded through a grant by the North Carolina 911 board.