PITT COUNTY, N.C. (WNCT) – Pitt Community College is getting COVID-19 relief funds for people wanting to continue to select educational training.

The Governor Emergency Education Relief funds or G-E-E-R, has provided PCC with $279,300.

Each student who receives the funds will get $750.

This can go to credential testing, childcare, tuition, books, and more.

Funds are to help North Carolina residents who are looking to receive continued education in workforce training.

They can be accessed through people enrolled in workforce continuing education pathways, and people also must have completed 96 hours of state or industry-certified recommended training.

“There are people looking for jobs. They’re out of work, and these are short term credentialing programs that can quickly get them into the workforce,” said PCC Financial Aid Director Lee Bray.

Bray says the scholarship applications can be completed electronically and should take around two minutes.

“You help students and tell them ‘hey, your tuition your fees everything is going to be paid for. So we’ll pay it, you put in the work, and we’ll get you back into the workforce,'” said Bray.

To learn more about the funds and how to apply, click here.