GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — Greenville code enforcers say complaints of unlivable conditions brought them out to Copper Beech on Tuesday.

“These places are appalling with soiled carpet, refrigerators that have not been cleaned,” said Carlton Dawson, Code Enforcement Supervisor. “I’ve found holes in the walls, and smoke detectors that are not working.”

Some tenants are on their fourth day straight, trying to get in contact with mainetenance.

It has people like Joshua Ussery at his wits end.

His apartment was dirty, with a broken air conditioner.

“You know, that kind of raises an alarm with me with all the COVID stuff going on,” said Ussery. “So, I just didn’t want to live in those conditions.”

Ussery wants to cancel his lease, but can’t get on the phone.

9 On Your Side reached out to Copper Beech management, as well as the Texas company, Asset Living, that manages the property.

We have not received a response from either.

“I’ve heard several excuses, but nothing acceptable for what I’m seeing,” said Dawson. “There should be a manager, assistant manager, or maintenance person going in to them, looking to make sure they are up to par.”

Sanitation crews are emptying overflowing dumpsters and getting rid of bulky items.

Dawson says his code enforcement officers will be following up with Copper Beech, along with three other properties they received complaints about: East 33, The Davis, and The Paramount.

When it comes to enforcing city codes, officers first hold a hearing with property owners to go over complaints and violations.

If things still aren’t fixed, owners can be charged up to $250 per violation, per day until it’s fixed.

Dawson says he is already talking to Greenville’s city manager to see how they can get ahed of the problem for next year’s move-in.


GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — People who just moved into Copper Beech, a townhome complex in Greenville, say they’re furious over what they found inside their new homes.

“I’m disappointed to say the least,” said Zack Presley, resident.

Presley and his friends moved in to their townhome on Saturday.

They spent hours cleaning up the mess they found.

“When we go in all the light fixtures were on the floor, the chairs were flipped up on their side, a couple of them were broken,” said Presley.

Presley isn’t the only one who walked in to a complete mess.

People are taking to social media to share images of bugs, dirty carpets, broken furniture, missing windows and other damage as they moved in.

A large group of people ended up standing outside the leasing office trying to get answers, but were turned away without help.

9 On Your Side reached out to the Copper Beech leasing office for answers.

Employees decline to comment on the situation.

Presley has spent the last three days without air conditioning.

He ended up buying a portable unit because no one from maintenance would help him.

Presley’s step-mom says even though Copper Beech serves mostly college students, they still deserve respect.

“This is at a point in their life where they’re trying to begin their journey, and this is not a good example or experience for them,” said Kim Presley. “They deserve the respect of being treated like a person.”

Greenville’s Code Enforcement Office is investigating issues at Copper Beech and other apartment complexes East Carolina University students live.

The office put together two code teams to follow up on concerns.

Their findings include the following violations:

  • Metal steps, rusty and in need of repair;
  • Balcony decking boards rotten, wooden pickets broken and damaged railing;
  • Kitchen vinyl floor in disrepair;
  • Soiled carpet and carpet with severe wear and holes;
  • Water damage walls and ceilings;
  • Inoperable smoke detectors;
  • Broken bathroom sink drain with water draining onto the floor;
  • Loose toilets;
  • Public nuisance violations- major trash problems with overfilled dumpsters, trash throughout parking lot in danger of blowing into storm drains and retention ponds.

Code enforcement officers talked to property managers for voluntary compliance and are preparing notice of violation letters per the requirements of the minimum housing code ordinance.

The office gave a 24 hour notice concerning the trash problems and have coordinated getting the dumpsters emptied by Public Works.