WILSON, N.C. (WNCT) — Could the Carolina Mudcats minor league baseball team find a new home in Wilson one day?

The Wilson City Council met Thursday and approved a memorandum of understanding with Mudcats Baseball to explore a potential new home for the team in Wilson. The Mudcats have played in Zebulon since 1991.

“The non-binding agreement represents an understanding between the city and the Mudcats to continue to work diligently and in good faith to determine if the project is feasible for the city and the Mudcats organization,” a media release from the city stated.

If the two parties agree, a multi-use outdoor facility would be built that would be the new home of the Mudcats. The facility would also provide an outlet for concerts, other sporting events, festivals and retail and residential spaces.

The plan would have the City of Wilson be responsible for financing and construction of the venue “according to MLB rules and regulations.” The city would own the facility, rent it to the Mudcats and have the opportunity to host events when the Mudcats are not playing.

The media release states several sites within the city are under consideration, including locations in downtown Wilson and a “centrally-located site outside of downtown.”

“While the exact location is not yet known, it will be within the city limits and be located with adequate space for the related development that will follow the stadium,” the media release states.

“The city works hard to create recreation, entertainment, redevelopment, and economic development opportunities for our community,” said Wilson City Manager Grant Goings. “It is extremely rare for a single project to contain each of those elements, but this one does. The City Council’s goal is for the tax base growth of the economic development components of this project to cover the venue expenses and eliminate the need for any tax rate adjustments.  We will be working hard over the next few months to reach that goal.”

The media release states the next steps would be determining the overall costs to design, develop and construct the venue. There is no timetable or cost estimate yet but work would continue with the next step being a Definitive Agreement from the City Council for Wilson and the Mudcats.

“We are encouraged by (Thursday’s) announcement by the Wilson City Council that proposes building a stadium and surrounding development project that would serve as a new home for the affiliated baseball,” said Rick Schlesinger, Milwaukee Brewers President – Business Operations. “We are impressed with the vision of elected officials and City of Wilson administrators who have high interest in this project to reimagine the future of the community. A project of this nature and scope would have a significant economic impact on the area and create an extraordinarily valuable community asset.”

The Mudcats left Zebulon after the 2011 season and became the Double-A Blue Wahoos in Pensacola, Fla. That same year, the Kinston Indians relocated to Zebulon and became the new Mudcats team.