NEW BERN, N.C. (WNCT) – Some schools around the state are taking their own steps to follow Governor Cooper’s reopening plan. 

Craven Community College is making changes and easing some coronavirus restrictions.

The college is moving very slowly in this first phase.

The campus will continue to remain closed to the public, but starting next week, some students will be welcomed back to campus to select face-to-face classes. 

Students and teachers will practice social distancing during these sessions. 

“Some of our students that will be coming back will be in larger classrooms than they were before so they can be more spread out,” explains Craig Ramey, the college’s Director of Communications. 

Online learning doesn’t work for all subjects.

“Some of our students who need to take HVAC or aviation classes, electrical engineering, a lot of those really hands-on types of things that you really can’t do online but for so long,” explains Ramey. 

College administrators are optimistic for the future and they will continue to take guidance from state leaders and health officials.

Most students will continue with their online learning and Craven County Community College teachers will continue to telework when possible. 

Administrators want to remind everyone on campus to continue social distancing when possible, that’s because there’s still no vaccine for COVID-19. 

Those practices can help prevent a second case surge.