ATLANTIC BEACH, N.C. (WNCT) — Businesses in Atlantic Beach are gearing up for the July 4th holiday weekend. The increase in travel has everyone along the Crystal Coast excited about what’s to come.  

“We just come mentally prepared and ready to have a good time,” said the owner of the Shark Shack, Taylor Thomas. 

In addition to that, Thomas said they’ve been getting daily deliveries and making sure they’re staffed up.

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“This is the weekend that we test our abilities for training all year. So, we always expect a huge crowd for the weekend of July 4th,” said Thomas.  

9OYS first told you about the restaurant’s staffing shortages last September. The business was running with just two employees. Now, things are looking up just in time for the holiday weekend.  

“This year, we actually have a comfortable staff, we still want to add a little extra to try to extend some days, but we’re happy where we are right now. And they’re doing a great job in there,” said Thomas.  

Across the street is the Posh Pelican. So far for them, this weekend has been busy. 

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“We had people waiting to come in before we were open this morning. So yeah, [outside] the door at nine o’clock,” said the managers at the Posh Pelican, Mandi Wagner and Jennifer Lancaster. 

Next door at BT’s Bar & Grill, they’re expecting Saturday to be a madhouse.

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“I think this year we’re going to get like the full force of it. I think people were really ready to kind of get out of there and just come to the beach, even though it’s raining. It’s still the beach. Rainy day, the beach is a better day than anywhere else,” said the bar manager at BT’s Bar & Grill, Dustin Lilly. 

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They also have a message to share for those visiting the Crystal Coast this weekend.  

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“Come see all of your local restaurants in Atlantic Beach has a lot to offer and Morehead does, too,” Lilly said. “There’s a lot of great restaurants, a lot of good bars. Make sure you check them all out.

“Don’t spend all your time in one place and don’t spend all your money on one place either.”