BEAUFORT, N.C. (WNCT) – After calls for more to be done, the Town of Beaufort is interested in making its community more handicap accessible.

Whether that’s sidewalks, ramps or handrails, they’re looking to do everything they can to improve and become ADA compliant. Crosswalks are some great new improvements to the town, but unfortunately still create barriers for some residents and visitors.

Resident, Peter Crumley said in 2013 he began to lose his sight and is adapting to being blind. 

“I walk every day with my leader dog, Zeus,” said Crumley. “And unfortunately, I can’t walk to a lot of sections, because I’m too afraid to cross these barrier roads, so I’m kind of held into my area.”

He added the town is doing a great job with installing tactile plates to crosswalks and raised speed tables, which helps him navigate where he is. Although, there are barrier roads that still prevent him from getting around.

“These are roads that are too unsafe to cross without lighted assisted signaling,” said Crumley.  “These roads really make it hard to walk from one area of the community to another. And that’s what we need to resolve.”

Town officials have said they’ve asked residents like Crumley what changes they should make. They also have a list of projects they plan to work on, totaling $2.6 million.

“One of the projects that were identified that the town has already taken on and completed was an ADA ramp in front of town hall,” said Beaufort Planning Director Kyle Garner.

Town officials also added they’ve looked at making their other buildings ADA compliant, like the fire and police departments. They also plan to improve their boardwalk near the waterfront, which one visitor mentioned was a challenge for him.

“On the boats, which are important,” said Arthur Doyle. “And a few more like handicap areas, but not to lose the charm.”

The town encourages people to reach out to them if they want to address an accessibility issue. To find more information, click here.