ATLANTIC BEACH, N.C. (WNCT) — With the warm February weather, many businesses along the Crystal Coast are starting to see an increase in customers.

The co-owner and manager of Tacklebox Tavern in Atlantic Beach, Richard Porter, said business usually picks up in the middle of March. With sunny skies that have been around Eastern North Carolina lately, it’s been busy throughout February. Porter added that there has been an uptick of midweek customers, something other businesses agree.

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“The last few days has been beautiful. It’s helped us have one of the best Februarys we’ve had in several years, at least pre-COVID. So we’re really happy with the way the year is shaping up so far,” Porter said.

Those who spoke to WNCT from Davis Beachwear, also said they’ve noticed more people stopping in to shop. Both businesses are hopeful it stays steady throughout the rest of the season.