BEAUFORT, N.C. (WNCT) — Shock, sadness and a general bad feeling. That’s how many people 9OYS spoke with said they felt about the plane crash that happened Sunday and the fate of the eight people on board.

We visited some of the communities in Carteret County to speak with people to get their reaction to the news of the plane crash, which happened Sunday afternoon. Many did not want to go on camera, for obvious reasons, but said they are experiencing sadness at what happened and the possible fate of the individuals on the plane when it went down.

It’s believed four of the passengers that were on the plane attended East Carteret High School. Locals say this is just one of the shocking parts of the news. Many said they were just too devastated to express in their own words what had happened.

In many cases, their emotions spoke volumes.

Carteret County Public Schools issued a statement Monday morning on the crash, a sentiment that was expressed by many others still stunned at what happened.

“We are incredibly saddened as we join with the Down East and eastern North Carolina communities as we await official word on the airplane crash off the coast of Drum Inlet, North Carolina. Crisis teams are on school campuses to support students, staff and families,” the statement tread.

Anna Woodard has lived in Beaufort for five years and said while she believes she did not know anyone involved in the crash, but she has a lot of close friends who did know someone.

“I’ve seen on Facebook, you know numerous people saying, like, ‘Oh I knew this person, I knew that person, or I was related to this person,’ and it’s just awful, just an awful tragedy,” Woodard said. “I hate it for the parents and you know students going back on Valentine’s Day and not having their friends there.”

Woodard and others said they hope there will be some kind of organized event to publically honor those aboard the plane.