NEWPORT, N.C. (WNCT) – Carteret County is hoping to get $12 million from the proposed state budget to help deal with flooding issues throughout the county. 

There are about 150 miles of stream that run throughout Carteret County and with this proposed project, the county hopes to remedy some of the issues in ditches that cause flooding.  

“We wanted to get out in front of a lot of these, these issues, and be proactive and clearing them out to prevent future flooding,” said Assistant Manager of Carteret County, Gene Foxworth. 

Foxworth said that the ditches in front of people’s homes are often in great condition, but when it comes to ones on the side of roads it’s not as simple. 

“When you get off of the right of way and into outfall situation, a lot of times those ditches are not maintained as well,” said Foxworth.  

They hope to use this funding to come up with a better solution to deal with future flooding. 

“The emphasis of this project is to as best we can make sure that the water has a free course to move out and away from both personal property and public infrastructure,” said Foxworth.  

Foxworth said this project could alleviate the flooding issues they saw during Hurricane Florence.  

“Hurricane Florence had a huge impact on all of Eastern North Carolina, a lot of areas of Carteret County experienced flooding that hadn’t experienced flooding in the past, simply because the water had nowhere to go,” said Foxworth.  

So, they’re hopeful for the future of the county.  

“It says it has good bipartisan support and I hope that the governor will sign it shortly and we’ll be able to make use of these funds,” said Foxworth.