MOREHEAD CITY, N.C. (WNCT) – Texas A&M instructors visited Carteret County to teach a FEMA-sponsored mass fatalities course, specifically focused on rural communities on Thursday.

As we know, the possibility of a disaster could happen anywhere and at any time. So it’s important to prepare & know how to respond.

Local and state agencies continue to train on what to do if a disaster strikes.

“Every single community, unfortunately, is going to get impacted by a disaster at some point in time. And essentially, what we’re here to do is reinforce the federal message of emergency management or disaster management,” said Barrett Nugent, disaster management instructor for Texas A&M.

That’s the case whether it be a natural, technological, or human disaster.

“Not to say that there’s necessarily more disasters, it’s just that there’s more opportunity for impact,” said Nugent. “Whenever those impacts impact the entire community or the state, well, we as a discipline have to come together and respond.”

It’s important to have these training sessions to connect with how other operations work.

“It’s not just law enforcement, it’s not just fires, not just EMS, we all have a completely different perspective of emergency management,” he added.

That includes how to work together.

“Communicating interpersonally, communicating with technology, sometimes those things get disrupted, it’s very important to have these trainings to essentially reinforce the things that we’re doing,” said Nugent.

Organizers add that it’s important to focus on rural areas to help them understand how to respond on a federal level. To learn more about FEMA-sponsored training courses, click here. You can also find more information on what was taught by clicking here.