EMERALD ISLE, N.C. (WNCT) – Coastal businesses are preparing for the official kick-off to summer. Memorial Day is right around the corner.  

“This is our season, this is our time to shine,” said the business manager at Rucker Johns, Julian Johns. 

Johns said they’re gearing up for a busy weekend by getting staffing ready and food prepped. 

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“This is like a transition period from business kind of slowly picking up to the kind of bumping our power levels on all of our, our prep items, and just getting things really ready to be doing a larger volume than we’ve been doing the past couple months,” said Johns.  

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Over at Milk Road, manager Makenna Niedzwiecki said they just opened their doors two months ago. So, this is their first Memorial Day weekend on the coast, and they’ve been getting ready.  

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“We’ve definitely tried to get a lot more people scheduled for this weekend and just getting a lot of stuff ready like inventory coffee. I mean, you don’t want to run out of coffee for a coffee shop,” Niedzwiecki said. 

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Across the street is the Islander Hotel. They said they still have some availability for Friday, but Saturday and Sunday are close to being booked.  

“We’re excited to see how the summer’s going to go. And, and I’m pleased to see that turnout so far this weekend,” said VP of Operations for Crown Hotel and Travel Management, Linda Thornley. 

One visitor from out of town said they’re hoping to check out the Crystal Coast and all it has to offer.  

“Definitely get some sun and some sand and hopefully miss some rain,” said Benita Goldblatt. “We have little kids with us, so we’re hoping to find a good local ice cream shop for sure.”