MOREHEAD CITY, N.C. (WNCT) — Downtown Morehead City has been designated again as an accredited Main Street America. It’s a recognition they’ve held since 2018.

With several events and businesses attracting tourists near and far, many people are beginning to call this town their home.

Main Street America focuses on revitalizing the community, and the nonprofit Morehead City Inc. has helped with the economic development of the city. 

Lisa Rueh is the Executive Director of Downtown Morehead City, Inc. 

“On our Main Street downtown we have just over 130 businesses,” said Rueh.

And downtown Morehead is now considered 4th Street to 18th Street after a recent expansion.

“The whole focus of Main Street has changed along the way and has grown, the resources that we have at our fingertips have definitely grown,” she said.

But Rueh added the pandemic did affect many businesses the last few years, and staffing has been an issue for many.

“You can’t find workers, you can’t find people to work, and the businesses are altering, they’re altering their hours, their days, they’re closing more days,” said Rueh.

But some businesses on the main strip seem to be doing great.

“Right before COVID hit we bought the restaurant beside us and not through that wall so we’ve expanded twice I guess in the last nine years,” said the owner of Promise Land Market, Gerheardt Schnibben.

Schnibben said that summer business has been great, especially with the events in town.

“The Big Rock Tournament and Seafood Festival, it’s just really gotten downtown Morehead energized,” said Schnibben.

Local Rob Touhey said he comes to downtown Morehead almost every day for either hot yoga, coffee or a bite to eat.

“Every storefront has something and a lot of renovation,” said Touhey. “A lot of cool new restaurants, a lot of cool businesses this year as well. So yeah, I mean, you can tell it’s lively, like any day you come down here.”

Rueh added that she encourages everyone to come out to Alive at Five throughout the summer to help them support the community.