NEWPORT, N.C. (WNCT) – The constantly changing weather this spring is complicating things for farmers as they tend to their crops.

Farmers throughout eastern North Carolina said their crops were dry at the start of the season, but they are slowly starting to see that change.

“The environment can change so many times between now and then that can dictate if you have a good crop or not,” said Clayton Garner, owner of Garner Farms in Newport.

He grows almost everything — strawberries, watermelons, cantaloupes, green beans, and tomatoes, to name a few.

Garner said last month was a little too cold for their produce.

“That was kind of was a kind of a hard hit,” said Garner. “But other than that, you know, we’ve been getting timely rains, we were starting to get kind of on the dry side. But we’ve managed to get some decent rains here lately.”

Jim Holton, owner of Holton Farms in New Bern, had similar thoughts.

“In the last month it’s changed a lot prior to the previous month ago,” said Holton. “It was dry for this time of year. Now it’s kind of caught up.”

Holton grows strawberries and grains on his farm.

With only one acre of land, his strawberries get picked quickly.

“The way it’s looking, no unless the berry output gets better, last year was a pretty good year,” Holton said when asked if this year’s haul will be better than last year. “We’ve got some plants that don’t even have any berries on them.”

Holton added that he’s hoping for warm weather and frequent rainfall throughout the rest of spring.