EMERALD ISLE, N.C. (WNCT) – The town of Emerald Isle is considering developments at McLean-Spell Park. 

They’re taking opinions from residents about what they should do with the area. This park is one of the last untouched maritime forests in Emerald Isle. Now, it’s up to everyone to see what will happen to it going forward.  

“We want to set the record straight, that there is no bulldozer development coming to the McLean-Spell Park, despite some of the conversations that may be [done] online,” said Emerald Isle Town Manager Matt Zapp. 

The town got the 30 acres of land in 2017 through Department of Defense grants, after it was slated to become condos.  

“Part of the grant was helping us to limit the growth and pattern in that area, again, keeping it from going residential and what also is important for the Department of Defense is the limited light exposure,” said Zapp.  

So now, they’re looking to expand their recreational activities potentially at the park, and they’re using public input through a survey to do that.  

“We just wanted to see what they wanted in the stakeholder meetings that we’ve held all three meetings and with the survey so that we get the best approach of how to how to manage the park,” said the director of Parks and Recreation for the Town of Emerald Isle, Candace Dooley. 

A local environmental group has voiced concerns about the town’s potential plans for the park. 

“Even though it’s only like going to be 10 acres out of 30 it’s still going to destroy the habitats for all of the animals and birds,” said the Chair of Surfrider Bogue Banks, Jennifer Welborn. 

And one of their biggest concerns has been with the survey. 

“We feel is pretty skewed because do not develop was not one of the options on the survey,” said Welborn.  

The survey results will be announced at the town’s next meeting on August 9.