EMERALD ISLE, N.C. (WNCT) — Communities across Eastern North Carolina continue to show their support for those impacted by the war in Ukraine. On Friday, two organizations from Emerald Isle partnered for a fun way to raise money for the war-torn country.

A foam party hosted by Emerald Isle Chapel By the Sea and Emerald Owl Productions not only had water games for families but also for one person, a personal mission.

“You’re leaving everything behind and you pack your life in one suitcase, and you go,” said Svitlana Horyelova, a Ukrainian refugee.

Horyelova came to the United States back in March, once the war broke out in Ukraine. Now, she lives in Emerald Isle for the time being.

“Just, I want my daughter to stay safe. That’s, that’s my goal at the moment,” Horyelova said.

She said that even being far away, she wanted to support her country.

“I do have relatives and my parents are still there, my granny’s they are my brother there,” she said. “So I pretty much aware of what’s going on and how hard it is at home.”

Horyelova discovered the Sunflower Seeds Ukraine Organization, which provides medical aid kits to the front lines. She said she wanted to have Friday’s event collect donations for them.

“You will never feel what the people are really filling being there … so it’s, it’s it’s very hard, so whatever, whoever we can help. I just want to help somehow,” she said.

She added that her future is undetermined as far as how long she’ll be able to stay in the states, but while she’s here, she wants to create life-long memories.

“The people here the Americans, they are very friendly, and whoever here is that we came from Ukraine, just asking us how can we help? How can we support?” Horyelova said.

You can find out more about the Sunflower Seeds Ukraine Organization and how you can help support Ukraine by clicking here.