BEAUFORT, N.C. (WNCT) – Local businesses along the Crystal Coast are still recovering from losing power over the weekend due to the winter weather system that moved through Eastern North Carolina. 

Hope Mission Thrift Store in Morehead City and Cru Coffee and Wine Bar in Beaufort said they’re still feeling the effects of the winter storm, days later. 

“It flickered on and off, here and there, which really affected our ability to cook continuously brew coffee and keep the line going as well as operator registers. So, a huge inconvenience there,” said Assistant Manager for the coffee side of Cru Coffee and Wine Bar, Ty Matheny. 

Matheny said the biggest thing they’re still feeling is the loss of the internet, saying it went out on Saturday and they haven’t been able to get it back on since. 

“We’ve had to continue with this process of our change way of having customers pay for orders, as well as still not being able to at least make orders here online,” said Matheny. 

Matheny said it’s been inconvenient but not impossible, saying the support of other local businesses around them has helped a lot.  

“We’ve been in communication with our friends over at the Royal James and people who work next to us. That kind of communication helps a lot in reference to seeing whose stuff is coming up versus who’s still down,” said Matheny. 

Over at Hope Mission Thrift Store in Morehead City, officials there said they were closed on Friday and had to open late on Saturday. After a few hours of being open, they lost power and had to close, affecting their sales for two days. 

“We had to shut down and say, ‘Sorry, we’re closed because our registers,’ you know, weren’t working and that kind of thing,” said Assistant Manager of Hope Mission Thrift Store, Kristen Scheib. 

Carteret-Craven Electric Cooperative said in the future for residents to bookmark their power outage map on their website, so they can track directly who has power and who doesn’t.