SNEADS FERRY, N.C. (WNCT) – Wednesday was a special day for a few pups rescued overseas.

They were reunited with Marines who took care of them during their deployment, all thanks to the nonprofit Paws of War.

Captain Britta Vivaldi took in a dog named Cardi while stationed in Southeast Asia. They had an unbreakable bond and now are safe with one another. While deployed in the summer of 2022, the Marines recalled lots of animals roaming the streets malnourished and scared.

“She was at an airfield close by, and because there was such an influx of strays that they were starving them out, or, you know, killing them,” said Vivaldi.

But one latched onto them that they couldn’t leave behind.

“I would go for runs in the morning and there was Cardi right there,” she said. “I loved how smart she is and really loving.”

Cardi was brought back to their camp to take care of her.

“We quickly realized that Cardi was pregnant, she was getting a little bit big, and we’re like, ‘OK,” said Vivaldi. “Then just happened to come across one day, her giving birth to her puppies.”

Cardi’s three puppies Hector, Cindy, and Ivar, were raised with the Marines from birth, and all became the best of friends. They reached out to Paws of War to try and change their unsettling fate.

“Due to the conditions not being safe near the base,” said one volunteer for the nonprofit, Gary Baumann, about the situation. “We have contacts on the ground over there. So we were able to get them into our foster facility, get them to see a veterinarian, get them care right away while we were doing all of their paperwork.”

Now, all four dogs were able to go home with their caretakers and spend the rest of their lives with security.

“I’m excited to have those first moments with her to experience all these things,” said Vivaldi. “To no longer be afraid of, you know, when her next meal is gonna come and you know, where am I gonna be able to be under shelter or somebody’s going to try to kill me. I’m just excited that she just has safety and love now. Unconditional.”

The Marines said although these dogs will be going with each of them to different homes, there will be lots of puppy play dates for all of them to spend time together.

To find more information on Paws of War, click here.